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People Search Report

A People Search Report will give you information on an individual living in the Former Soviet Union.
Information such as their full name, date of birth, their address, phone number, nationality. Also whether they are living with someone or other persons are registered as living at their address.

This can be useful in determining if your online friend/penpal has been telling you the truth or to confirm their story.
We provide this service in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

Price : $99.00

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Criminal Records Check

Criminal history record information is not only used by law enforcement agencies, but is also available for non-criminal justice requests.
Our Professional Police Researcher will search through two sources : 1 Russia Wanted Criminal and Fugitive Database

2. Local Police Department Records

In the report we will provide you with the name, date of birth and registered address of the individual.

More importantly we will provide you with the individual’s criminal record (if they have one). This record will be detailed including:

the date of the offence, type of offence committed, filing date at the police station, any fines levied on the individual or time spent in jail.
If of course the individual has not been in trouble with the law then you will get a clean report.
This type of report can be very useful when investigating a potential business partner or potential mate / Russian bride online.

We provide this service in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
Price : $120
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At a time when online romances are blooming, it’s important to be safe and smart.
Take control of your future…Know what you are getting yourself into before investing your money, life and your heart in someone you have met online.
Our background check will surely help you make the right decision.
For this report, our trained private investigator will search through public records and answer all those nagging questions you may have about your Russian Internet date.
Information such as :

– real place of residence, the address of registration;
Passport information
– if the person is married or living with someone
– family, children;
– property ownership (apartment, country house, etc)

-criminal record check

We provide this service in Russia, Moldova and Ukraine.

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