Advice on potential romance scams

Finding your perfect match online and in real life can be hard. There are so many things to be considered : interests, hobbies, personality, value systems, trustworthiness, the list goes on…

And when you think you’ve found the right person you don’t want to imagine that you’re being scammed.

Most romance scams are similar to the Nigerian email / letter scam and follow the same basic outline :

1. The scammer posts a profile on a dating site and searches for potential victims.

2. The scam artist contacts a potential victim through the site and communicates with them via email and / or phone. He/she explains that they are out of the country on busness.

3. Communication becomes more frequent and the scammer may purport or claim to be ‘’falling in love’’ with the victim. The scammer may send the victim flowers and gifts, paying for them with a stolen credit card.

4. As the relationship progresses and the scam artist belives he is getting the trust of the victim, he suddenly has a problem which requires funds. It could be a business deal gonw sour, his money not arriving from his company/home country in time to pay bills, or a car accident not covered by insurance that requires immediate payment or the prospect of going to jail. The list goes on.

5. The victim is asked by the scammer to wire money to them urgently to help them out of the bad situation. Usually the money is requested to be sent by Western Union.

6. As soon as the money is picked up, communication stops and the email account of the scammer is sometimes closed. The scammer then moves on and searches for another victim.

How can our anti-scam expert help?

Our anti-scam detective has worked in Russia running a flower delivery business and a scam check service for over 10 years. He has come face-to-face with many scammers and advised many men from the US, UK and other countries about potential scam situations. He has also extensively researched Nigerian ‘’419’’ scams and can offer advice and help in this area too.

If you (or a member of your family) believes that you may be at risk of a potential scam, he’ll be happy to help.

In his experience running the flower delivery and scam check service, he has seen that quite a lot of men are not comfortable writing about their issues on public forums, and seek out more individual personal one-to-one advice from people whose experience and judgment they trust.

Other men read forums as guests and never sign up to ask questions. Sometimes their particular question is not satisfactorily answered on a forum or they just don’t have the patience to wade through hundreds of posts in order to find an answer.

There are also those who would like to help a friend who they believe is being scammed, but they refuse to listen to any of the signs or advice. This can be frustrating and many a time they may agree to talk to someone who they don’t know (a professional) who will study their case and give them some unbiased, neutral advice.

How does the consultation work?

Our anti-scam expert has been advising guys who thought they were being scammed by Russian women and women from the FSU since 2003. He used to chat via email and phone. But now with the enhanced quality of Skype video calls, one session of 40 to 60 minutes may be enough to answer all if not most of your questions.

If there are emails or copies of letters from a woman, or links to profiles we’d like you to send these to us by email beforehand so that we can discuss all aspects of your current situation.


What can our anti-scam consultant advise you about?

Quite a lot! Some of the topics he gets questions about involve the following :

Are you corresponding with a woman in a small village in Siberia and you just feel that something doesn’t seem right?

The woman’s attitude and behaviour. You have been corresponding for sometime and you think she might not be telling you the truth or is hiding something.

Maybe you have visited a woman in Moscow already, you got along fine but after you returned things went cold. Maybe she’s a pro-dater?

You have corresponded for a while, met the lady in Russia or the FSU and now suddenly she tells you a hard luck story and asks for money. What do you do? Maybe she really needs your help and has no one else to turn to?

Depending on the issue you want to discuss with me, you can choose to have a 20-minue, 40-minute or 60-minute consultation with our scam check consultant. You may also feel you need more than one consultation. Prices are in US dollars.