Anti-Scam Case Studies

A scam check delivery was ordered for one Diana Borisovna Rostovtseva¬†¬†in Saint Petersburg. Her address was provided but the client didn’t have her phone number.

On reaching the apartment block, our courier called on the intercom to the apartment in question but no one answered.
After waiting outside the building for a while he was able to gain entry when a lady came out to walk her dog.
The courier rang the bell of the apartment and an elderly lady came out. She seemed supprised at seeing the courier on her doorstep.
When asked whether a Diana lived there she seemed puzzled and called her husband, Misha. Misha confirmed that they had no relatives called Diana and that they had lived at the apartment since its construction in the 1970s.

The scam check was complete and ”Diana” was confirmed as a scammer. The client never heard from ”Diana” again.



The client had been corresponding with one Katya Kuznetsova for 2 months via Skype. They had spoken 3 or 4 times a week and the client had her address in Omsk, Siberia.

She had not given him her phone number and he didn’t want to push her into giving it. Also since it was her birthday he wanted to surprise her.

On arriving at the address, our courier rang the bell of the apartment but no one answered. He then waited outside the building for someone to open the main door.

When the door was finally opened, he made his way to the apartment and knocked on the door. Thinking the residents must be out he left a calling card of our florist for Katya to call and re-arrange a delivery.

Two days later Katya still hadn’t called so our courier made a second attempt at delivery. This time an elderly lady came out of the apartment and confirmed that she had lived there since the 1960s.

Katya Kuznetsova was confirmed as a scammer-she had provided a false address and no phone number.