Scams are schemes to trick you out of your money. They can arrive in your letter box, your email inbox, by phone, text message or from someone arriving at your doorstep.
Absolutely anyone can fall for a scam but older people and people with mental health problems are more vulnerable to them.

If you think that a relative, friend or neighbour may be at risk of being scammed then read on…

We provide a whole host of services to help people from becoming the victims of online fraud and scams.

And all our services are provided in complete confidence. Some people are afraid to seek help when they suspect they are being scammed for fear of looking ‘’stupid’’. Scammers nowadays have become very good at their ‘’art’’ and so a seasoned private investigator with knowledge of all the current scams may be the only one who can really offer guidance.


If you or someone you know is at risk of being scammed the following warning signs may help in identification:

Do they:

• receive a lot of junk mail?

• have a house full of cheap-looking goods such as jewellery and health products?

• get frequent calls from strangers?

• become secretive when discussing finances with you?

What help can we give?

People are often embarrassed to admit they’ve fallen for a scam or don’t believe they have been conned.

They may not listen to you and not share details with you. In such a case you can make a deal with them offering them a short consultation with our anti-scam expert. He will go over the whole case with them and ask prudent questions which can’t be easily explained away.

If he believes the person has fallen victim to a scam, he’ll do his level best to convince them of this and also try to make sure they don’t get any deeper into the problem.

He’ll reassure the person that it’s a common problem, that scammers are clever and that all sorts of people get taken in by them.

After the consultation the hope is that the victim will admit that they have been scammed,cease all communication with the scammer and move on to bigger and better things in their life.

We offer :

* Consultation Services

* Scam Check / Address verification Services in the Former Soviet Union

* Full Background Checks of individuals in the Former Soviet Union

* Scam check through a huge database of scammers

* People search report

* Criminal records check