Russian bride scams

What is a bride scam?

A bride scam is a scheme designed to trick and dupe foreign men into sending money to women overseas who profess love and want to get married. Oftentimes the alleged brides are not even real or the pictures used in their online profiles are stolen from well-known social media sites such as facebook.

Bride scams have increased greatly since online dating became more popular and widespread in the Western world.

Most foreign bride scams originate in Russia, Ukraine and Colombia and some in Africa and Asia.

Typically the foreign bride will advertise herself on a dating website such as looking for men from Australia, Canada, the US, the UK and other Western countries for marriage.

The US Embassy in Moscow receives reports every day about online romance scams from men in the US. The anonymity of the internet means that the US citizen cannot be sure about the real name, age, marital status and other personal details of the person they are corresponding with.

Russian scammers typically ask for money quite early on in the relationship and it can be for a variety of reasons, eg.

Plane tickets
Hotel bills in Moscow
Helping her poor parents or grandparents
Paying her university fees
Paying for medical treatment for her or a relative of hers
Paying internet or telephone bills

How can I tell if I am dealing with a Russian scammer?

Now there’s the $64,000 question!

The internet is anonymous. You can track her ip and find out that she is writing to you from Omsk in Siberia for example. But can you find anything else out?

The answer is no! The only way to find out if you romantic interest in Russia is a scammer or not is by using one of our services.
The most common and popular service we provide is an address verification and flower delivery.

This will tell you if you have the correct address of the person you are corresponding with.

If you have lots of questions and no answers then feel free to consult us. A consultation via Skype with our online British detective will only cost $20. In this consultation he will go over all the scam scenarios and give an honest opinion and judgement based on the individual facts of your case.