Russian Scammer Letter Examples

Hello my dear!!!
I am very pleased, that you have written to me!YES I very much want to study you!!!I think that you my destiny! My name – Larisa to me 25 years, both I live, and I work in the city of Cheboksary…I work as the teacher above school for initial classes…My parents live in the other city, and I live that.I remove an apartment hereI have sisters not brothers I in family one.I very much search devoted, love, the gentle person with whom it will be good to me!I want to have children and and to live with my loved!I shall do all for him… Why I write to you? You very interesting person for me.I want to get acquainted with the decent person.I want, that it was honour, is close to me.I want, that there was a mutual understanding.I had sad experience with the person, but it has deceived me.I have been disappointed by our men. I do not want, that it to repeat. I know, that people everywhere are excellent.If not it in our country is very difficult to live. Here it – is a lot of criminals and drugs .I do not want to live among it.I never visited other countries.I want to visit you, that it is better to study each other.I think, that you understand me. But I do not want to make a mistake. I want to learn about you more.I think, that we remain good friends in any case.I want, I speak you about my family.I live together with my mum and the daddy.. My work of the father in militia, is the inspector.It – dangerous work. Our friends and relatives respect it. Mum, working as the cook in cafe. She prepares for various and very tasty dishes. She to study me it.I very much to respect parents.I like to listen various music. I also to listen your music.I also to be borrowed on sports meets I meet. I very much to love navigation and skis.I shall expect the following your letter. I like sincere and the person of honour.I think, that in us there can be it!
Yours Larisa


Hi my new friend xxxx!!!
I am very glad to that that you have agreed to begin acquaintance to me! =) if it is fairly that I thought that you will not answer me! I never got acquainted through the Internet and on this to me is not trusted that thus I can find to myself the new friend. But my girlfriend of me has convinced me of that that it even very interestingly. For the beginning my name Sveta my full name Svetlana. I have been given birth in 1982. I was was born in the city of Saint Petersburg and where did not leave! Studied at municipal school during 10 years. My mum worked as the seller in the state shop, the daddy drove the lorry. He worked on construction. We lived well. In 17 years I have acted in University where have received education manager. In my city at me not so it is a lot of friends. Three girlfriends all this that are at me now! At me a lot of familiar, but familiar remain familiar. I have senior sister. She is 35 years. She already has two children! They such lovely! To the grown-up of 12 years. Younger 4 years At us very amicable family were executed. Excuse for that that I do not write in detail about the family. I have on it reasons! If we shall not cease to communicate I to you I shall write it in the following letters. =) Now I work in advertising agency. Pay not so much, but for a life suffices… Even to go with girlfriends at cinema or on dances suffices. We very much like to go where be in cafe, to buy coffee and to talk. I have no habit to smoke, I drink only wine only on holidays in small amount! In new year and per day a birth we buy cognac. =) From for that that it road we drink it only during the special moments of our life! Favourite color red, yellow, pink. I love Russian kitchen (still to me like a land). I very much love children! And practically each holiday I work in children’s improving camp. I very much like to look at their smiles and to listen to their solar laughter! I orthodox the Christian. You believe in the god? Our family always was the believer! Each target and orthodox holiday I go to church, 7 years I on a regular basis go to church. But about it I shall write to you in the following letters! What to you still can be interesting??? =) my growth of 176 centimeters, weight of 50 kg, eyes brown colors, Hair blond colors. I shall scan the photos and I shall send them to you. TELL please about itself! As whom you work, than you like to be engaged at leisure, What your favourite color where you live also all that you will consider necessary! If to you that that interestingly that ask any questions. I shall be glad to you to answer. I hope you to me still you will write! I shall wait for your prompt reply!
Your new friend from Russia, Sveta.


hello xxxx. it’s me from dating site. i’m very glad that you decided to reply for my message. i hope that our correspondence will grow to something more… before i will tell you about me i have one request: please read all my letter to the end and only after that make your decision: to reply me or not. ok… let me introduce myself. my name is Oksana. i live in Suzdal, it is in Russia. now i know that you have faer question: why you wrote not real address at dating site? from 2003 to 2004 years i have been living in usa with man whom i met in the internet and i know about bad reputation of russain women in USA and Europe. i will tell you about why i went back to russia in my next letters. i’m 27 years old and my birthday is the February 15. my height is 5.7 and my weight is 115. i work as the assistant of dentist, terapevt. well, i would like to know more about your work. do you like yur work? i like my:) after i began to work as asistent of dentist i was in germany, usa and england. also as i told you i have been living in usa for one year. have you ever been to other country? if yes, where? hope you won’t have any inconveniences about talking with lady of my age. in my own experience i know that it is better to to have relations and relationships with man who older then you. so your age doesn’t bother me. now i have some questions for you. have you ever been married? do you have any children? if yes tell me more , what there name? send pictures… about pictures… i attached my picture. hope you will like it. also i would like to know what you think about me , my appearance. hope you will understand my english and will tell me if something wrong. hope to hear from you soon
hope you new friend Oksana from xxxx, Russia