Scam Check Consultation

Telephone consultation‘ Hello, my name is Sveta. I like your profile and I am very interested in getting to know you. Probably, we should continue our communication. What do you think? Write me back, please. I will be waiting your reply. ”

People who have signed up to dating sites get regular emails like this. Sometimes such emails just appear in your inbox out of the blue. Some people write back hoping to find an internet romance. After a short correspondence the penpal may seem to be a good match.

Even if they don’t ask for money or don’t hint at coming to visit you, you may feel that they are a scammer.

Typical questions you might ask yourself:

‘’She says she has a visa and money to come and visit me in the USA. Is she a scammer?’’

‘’He is an antique dealer from England. He is at a trade fair in Africa and needs help taking some valuables out of the country. He has not asked for money yet. Could this be a scam?’’

‘’She has sent me a bunch of photos of herself and we have chatted on the phone a couple of times. She wants to come to the USA and needs my help in getting a student visa. She is from Russia and says there is a student exchange program with my local University. Do you think she is a scammer?’’

‘’I have a scanned copy of her passport but I’m not sure if it looks valid. Can you help?

So How Does This Consultation Work?

Typing is time consuming. And then you have to wait for someone on a forum to answer.

That person may also not have much idea of the situation anyway. Rather than e-mailing or messaging, we find it a lot more time efficient to talk on Skype. If there are e-mails and/or copies of correspondence from a man or woman, or links to profiles, etc. that are to be discussed, you can e-mail those to us beforehand so we can look at them so you can have your conversation with our expert at a mutually convenient time.

Pricing and Arrangement

Pricing is in US Dollars and priced below in options of twenty minutes, forty minutes and 60 minute options – just select the option you want, then click the Add to cart button. Please also send us your email address and skype ID. Or simply click the ‘’Add’’ button on our site.

After payment, you will be contacted by e-mail within twenty-four hours, to arrange a mutually convenient time for your consultation. If you are ready to arrange a consultation call, please select the length of call required using the drop down menu below and then click the “Add to cart” button underneath it.

Please Note : If you don’t have the suspect’s name and address, please fill something like : XXXX or 0000 in these fields. These fields must be filled in order for you to be able to proceed to the payment screen.



Length of Consultation