Scam Check Online

Computer Hacker, isolated over white backgroundThis scam detection service can be used to detect visa-and-tickets scammers and Nigerian/African scammers.


The purpose of the Online Scam Check service is to detect a potential scam quickly and at minimum cost (if you don’t have much information available).

The service may be needed by you if:

*you have about 48 hours in which to conduct research and get a definitive answer

*you started corresponding with the potential scammer recently and just want a reassurance that everything is okay

*you don’t have much personal or professional information about your penpal and you think that he/she may be withholding something from you

After checking through your information we’ll give you a report on our findings.

We may make use of scammers lists to check if similar stories have been told to other members of dating sites


The cost of the check is $50 for letters in English.

The results of the check are usually available in 24 hours, but during summer holidays it may take a little longer. Usually we always can give you a response in about 48 hours.

Summer Cancellations and refunds:

The $50 payment is a service fee. It is not dependent of the ultimate outcome of the research.

You can cancel your order for a full refund only up to the time that we issue you a report documenting the results of the search. After the report is sent to you, there can be no cancellations or refunds.


The service is conducted using the analysis of your penpal’s emails.
You will need to provide us with copies of between 5 and 10 of your penpal’s emails. The emails need to be sent to us by email. We guarantee privacy.

NB : The best letters/emails to send are those from the first two weeks of your initial correspondence.. Other good letters/emails to include are those where your penpal first discusses the costs of visa and tickets. If you received an email from a travel or translation agency, include that as well.

If you are at the very beginning of your correspondence and only exchanged 2-3 letters, we still may be able to help you, however our research and advice may not be complete in this case.