Here is some feedback from our previous clients. All comments are published with the permission of the author. Some names may be changed or left out to protect the identities of the scam victims.


” Thank you for your help in identifying her as a scammer. It’s saved me a lot of hassle. ”


” Thanks for the good service. It is upsetting to find out but all the same, you’ve really helped me. Kind regards, ”


” Thank you for your service. It’s been a great help! ”


” The consultation was extremely useful and an eye-opener. I now know that I was being scammed all along. Thanks-you saved me a lot of heartache and money. ”



” I wish I had found your site earlier. I lost over 2000 euros because of a scammer but now thanks to your expert advice I’m well on the way to finding the right person out there for me. ” 


Many thanks and I wish you success in your venture. It is great to know about people like you who help all the unsuspecting online daters.


” I would just like to thank the staff at Scam Sleuth because they have possibly saved me loads of money as well as heartache. I would like to thank you for your dedication and vigilance in fighting these nasty people. ”


 ”Thanks a lot. A Russian girl wrote me many emails and I was a bit concerned about a possible scam scenario. Thanks for answering all my questions and putting my mind at rest.

You guys are great! ”


” Thanks for the delivery and the lovely photos! I am so happy that all is confirmed and Olga is real! It was so much better that you were able to do this. If I’d bought the tickets and gone and found it was all a scam it would have been a big loss for me. Now I’m going to see Olga and I know before I arrive that she really is real:) ”


” I was a bit suspicious as she didn’t seem to answer my direct questions. But I thought that maybe she didn’t understand English very well. Anyway now all my suspicions are confirmed and that’s thanks to you. Your service is well worth the money! It’s nice to know that there are people like you out there–the good guys! ”


” I want to thank you for this service and the website. It has saved me a lot of money and I’m sure the same for other guys. Keep up the good work! ”



” Keep up the good work! You are helping so many people believe me! ”



” Thanks a lot. I think she was as surprised as I was. So all checks out and now I have her home phone number too. You really have a great service! ”


” Please thank your consultant for the valuable advice. I’m a single man looking to meet someone special and the advice I was given has helped me to identify a fraud. ”



” I’m so glad I found your site. I was lured into a relationship with a young lady from Nigeria. I’d already sent her some money by Western Union. But your consultation answered my suspicions and now I know for sure. ” 



” Thank you staff at Scam Sleuth for the excellent service that you provide! ”



” Thank you for all the work you did in relation to my order. I was thinking of sending her a little money to help with her English lessons but now I know it is a scam. ”


” Thank you very much for your great service. And it seems like you went to trouble to select the perfect rose. ”